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About Me

Hi There!

I see you’ve made it at least one click in to my website. Since you’re so interested, let me tell you a little something about myself.

By now hopefully you’ve seen a couple of my videos and if you’re interested I should let you know that I am a Director, Editor, Animator, and Content Creator based in Los Angeles, California.

A history in decorated dialect:

Early cultivation in the ruins of the mid-western city of Detroit taught me to hold dear what I value, steal what I need to get by and shoot whoever needed shooting. It’s mostly still that stuff, but I never stole anything and the term “shoot” here may just refer to videotape.

Schooling both street and academic in the sky-punching city of Chicago filled my creative arsenal with all manner of computerized weaponry. This combat training period lasted 4 years and resulted in a BA in Film Cinematography. I also joined Facebook!

Time spent on animation projects and commercial production filled my pockets with cash and my days with merriment in the belly of the great city.

I now reside in Los Angeles, CA as a full time fighter for the business and the art for which I care for so deeply: The Movies.

A few things of note:

I am the co-creator and animator of the series Four Angry Men. A TV Series built on a foundation of the frustrations and triumphs that my brothers and I have experienced while dealing with pirates.

I’ve directed some other short films, commercials, and animations with a company I co-founded out of college.

I’ve worked as a professional Editor and Colorist for a number of years.

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